April Fools’ Day pranks your kids will totally love

Kids are wonderful people. I mean honestly, having them around is a whole lot of fun, and the best part is that they take jokes and tricks really very well. But there also remains the fact that most (all?) kids love making jokes, particularly at their parents’ expense. If this is what you’ve been experiencing for a while, well, it is about time that you start working on a bit of a friendly payback – the best part is that it is the right time of the year for it too!

Yes, it is April Fools’ day and for parents, it is typically the most fun-filled day of the year as they get to play jokes and tricks on their little devils. Honestly, the surprise that takes over your children’s face upon realizing that you have tricked them will bring about a smile that is literally incomparable. Now, if you are planning on pranking your little one, there are plenty of amazing and totally harmless pranks that you can try out, so you can rest-assured that your joke will not end in tears. Here’s a list of 7 of the best April Fools’ Day pranks that your kids are totally going to fall for:

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7 Prank # : A meaty dessert is what your kids need!

Surely you would want to serve meals and desserts on April Fools’ Day that your children will never forget. Well, in this case, we have the perfect meaty dessert recipe for you to try out. Yes, there’s a meat based dessert that you can easily prepare this April Fools’ Day and trick your kids with. To begin with, prepare a spicy meatloaf by preheating your oven to 375°F and spraying cooking spray on a baking dish. Now, set aside around ¾ cup of Sloppy Joe sauce and mix the remaining sauce with bread crumbs, egg beaters, salt, pepper, and onion. Mix till it is perfectly blended. Add 1-1/2 pound ground beef and mix well. Take the baking dish and shape the mixture into a rectangle form of about 9x5-inches each. Flatten the top and bake for about 40 minutes and slice after 10 minutes. Make sure that you do not pour over any Sloppy Joe sauce over the meat mixture.

Now, once that the meatloaf is properly cooked through, let it sit for about 10 minutes so that it can cool down. Take a large plate and place one of the meatloaf layers (you can prepare as many as you want) over it. Once that is done, get your hands on a bit of mashed potatoes and place an even layer of these over it. The layer of mashed potatoes is basically going to look like cream and your children are totally going to fall for it. The next thing that you need to do to prepare this delicious meaty dessert for your little ones is to place another meatloaf cake on top of the mashed potatoes. Moving on, you need to put up some delicious ‘icing’ over the meatloaf cake and you can easily achieve that by using cream cheese, a sprig of basil and cherry tomato based dressing. Honestly, the results are bound to be so ‘real’ that your children won’t be able to figure a thing out till the time that they actually taste – and to their surprise, there’s going to be a prank instead of a real dessert waiting for them to devour!  

6 Prank # : The ‘Catch a Dollar’ prank

If there’s such a thing as a classic prank out there, it is bound to be the Catch a Dollar prank. Honestly, this time tested prank is one of the best around, and what makes it so interesting is the fact that it is easy and is guaranteed to bring about lots of laughter for your entire family. Honestly, if you want to have lots of fun with your kids on April Fools’ Day, and wish to set them on a ‘fishing’ trip, then this particular prank is just what you need to play on them – however, you will have your kids ‘fishing’ for money in it. Oh and the best part is that you can try out this prank anytime of the year when you want to add in a pinch of naughty silliness to a boring day at home!

Now, playing the Catch a Dollar prank is rather easy and can be achieved with minimal items. To begin with, you need a dollar bill, a bit of adhesive tape and a fishing pole with line (make sure that you remove the hooks). In order to get things going, take the dollar bill and tape it to the end of the fishing line. Make sure that you do a neat job at it. Moving along, you will need to place the dollar bill in an open area where it can easily be seen by your kids (perhaps your garden?). Once you find a good place, place the dollar bill there and pull out an adequate amount of fishing line so that the bill can stay put. With that, find a good place to hide nearby – like some bushes if you plan on doing this outside – and hide yourself well. If you want, wear a camo shirt if you want to for that added bit of perfection. Now, when your kid sees the dollar bill, s/he is bound to want to pick it up, and it is at this point that you start reeling in the fishing line so that it can get out of his/her reach. Thinking that it is just the wind that is blowing the dollar away, your kid will make continuous attempts to pick it up, so make sure that you keep reeling away the dollar in time. This prank is guaranteed to drive your kids crazy!

5 Prank # : Oreos with a tooth-paste filling!

Oh this one is totally going to take your kids by surprise. The best part is that you will start off by getting them all excited – I mean, it isn’t every day that kids get to have cookies for breakfast, is it? But once they dig in and experience a truly minty surprise, just watch those faces they make – it will be epic!

For this prank, you will need a pack of Oreos (snack packs are best considering that you can easily slip the biscuits back in for that extra bit of ’genuine’ appeal.) Next, pick the mintiest toothpaste that you have around and a butter knife so you can easily scrape out the filling of the cookies. Now, there are two different ways through which you can scrape out the filling. First, you can do so by simply cutting through the filling and then scraping it out using the butter knife. For the second way, you will have to grab an Oreo, twist the top cookie in a clockwise manner with the bottom one moving anti-clockwise. This is basically going to separate the cookies and it will be easy for you to scrape away the filling. Oh, and if you feel like having the filling, we seriously aren’t going to judge you for it – because that’s just what anyone in their right sense would do, right?

Next is the fun part where you put in your new and improved filling – toothpaste! The best means of achieving this bit is to just squirt out a blob of toothpaste on a piece of Oreo and press down the other half on it. This will help you have filling of just the right thickness so your kids will not be able to suspect a thing. Now, if you have a bit of time on hand, just keep the biscuits in a sealed sandwich bag, take them out when you are ready to get started with your prank and slip them in the original bag before giving them away. By this time, the toothpaste ‘filling’ is going to be fairly hard so there’s no need for you to worry about getting caught.

4 Prank # : The vanilla pudding egg prank!

This is personally one of my most favorite pranks ever – and my kids fall for it every time! Honestly, this sunny-side up surprise featuring vanilla pudding and an apricot is totally going to give you and your family lots of laughs. To get started, you will need to prepare a little vanilla pudding. For this, whisk together half a cup of sugar, 3 tablespoons cornstarch and 1/8 teaspoon salt. You will need 2 cups of whole milk for this recipe, out of which ¼ cup of the milk will need to be added to the sugar mixture. Upon mixing it in, stir it well so that a smooth paste is formed. Once done, whisk in 2 egg yolks and the remaining milk. Proceed to cook this mixture on low heat and make sure that you stir it continuously with a wooden spoon for about 15 minutes or till it thickens. Remember, the mixture must not come to a boil and once it thickens, remove it from heat and add in the vanilla and butter. Now scrape it out into a bowl and cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. Press the surface to create an airtight seal that will prevent a skin from forming on to the pudding. Chill for about an hour so that it may set.

With the tough part of the prank being over now, you need to start preparing to egg your kids on – like literally. To begin with, take a small plate (one that you usually serve breakfast to your kids on) and place two spoons of the vanilla pudding on it. Next, take a pastry brush and use it to ‘shape’ the pudding so that it resembles the egg whites of a fried egg. Now what about the egg yolk? We’ve got that covered too. Take half of a pitted apricot and place the half in a face down position in the middle of the vanilla pudding. Add in a side of toast and marmalade and you are sure to give your kids the finest surprise ever – one that your kids are bound to remember forever! 

3 Prank # : Sweet spaghetti and meatballs

One hell of a deceiving dessert I tell you! It is literally crazy the lengths we parents go to to make our kids pay back on their regular routine of playing pranks and jokes on us! Well, in this particular prank, you are going to serve spaghetti and meatballs to your kids like never before – and with all that sweetness involved, there’s no reason for them to be mad at you. In fact, your family is bound to be in for a good laugh as your kids start digging into their ‘meal’.

In order to get started with this prank, you will need to put in a bit of time and effort into baking a couple cupcakes. If you are short on time, feel free to use a vanilla box mix – both will work fine. Now, add a bit of frosting on top of the cupcakes, but make sure that you only add in a thin layer. Also, there is no reason at all for you to worry about having a nice frosting because eventually, it is all going to get covered up. Now once all that is done, place the cupcakes on a platter. If you truly wish to give it an authentic look and feel, feel free to use a pasta bowl for serving purposes.

The remaining frosting will need to be covered up using yellow food coloring and cocoa powder. Next, take a zip lock bag and squiggle out the ‘frosting’ based spaghetti – feel free to ad in as much as you want and make sure that you pile it up well. Now mix up truffles with strawberry preserves in a small bow and dump some of the preserves over the supposed spaghetti that you have just created. Take the freshly created meatballs and place them over the sauce one by one. Considering that this is a prank, you would obviously want to give it a more ‘real’ and genuine appearance and for this, just grate a bit of white chocolate over the meatballs, thereby giving a Parmesan cheese look – voila, your delicious spaghetti and meatballs are ready to be served to your victims. 

2 Prank # : Play the sleeping prank

Ahh, the freedom that April Fools’ Day grants us. Honestly, it is the best time of the year considering that you can play all sorts of tricks on your kids and at the end of the day, it is going to be YOU, the PARENT who has the last laugh! However, to put in a bit of important advice here, no matter what pranks you play on your kids, just be careful and make sure that you make your child feel special later on too. Your kid needs to have a bit of a fun sense of humor, so take this aspect into consideration as well when planning out your pranks.

Now moving on to this prank of ours, it is best for parents whose kids are truly what you call solid sleepers. We have two and rest-assured that we LOVE playing this prank on them – and each time, their reactions are simply out of this world. This prank basically starts out with you putting your kids to sleep. Make sure that they are in deep sleep or else you are going to get caught totally red-handed. What you basically need to do is to use a marker and decorate your kids’ faces as they sleep. However, before using the marker on their face, make sure that you carry out a skin test first so that you do not have to worry about dealing with horrendous outcomes afterwards. Also, you need to use washable markers so that your ‘drawings and decorations’ can easily get washed off your little ones’ skins. Once the skin test is done and your little ones are fast asleep, proceed to making multiple drawings on their face. When they wake up in the morning, your kids are going to be in for a totally fun-filled surprise!

If you have younger kids, or those who don’t sleep too well, just tell them to ‘pretend to sleep’ – rest-assured it will be equally hilarious for them too. Also, there are quite a few things that you can draw on their faces. These include ginormous eyebrows, mustaches, clown noses, glasses, football cheek lines, whiskers and even wrinkles!

1 Prank # : Spooky, creepy eyes and eye balls

Now, there are two different options that you have in terms of this prank and they are totally different from one another. But the best part about both is that these are extremely easy to create and along with April Fools’ Day, feel free to play this prank on your kids over Halloween too.

The first option that you have is to create spooky glowing eyes and hide them under your kids’ beds. This is a more so minimalistic prank so all you are going to need is a set of scissors, glow sticks and TP tubes. To begin with, you need to take the TP tubes and cut eye holes in to them. The best means of going about this step is to poke a small hole where you want the eyes to be on the TP tube and then start using your scissors so as to form the eye holes. The next thing that you need to do is to crack the glow sticks so that these can be fit within the tubes. If you want, feel free to use the tick ones as these are just the right size for TIP tubes. However, if you do not have those, you can also choose to use bracelets for the said purpose. All that you need to do is twist them a bit, fold the bracelets and then place them inside the tubes. Once done, place the ‘eyes’ underneath your kids’ beds or anywhere in their room – you are bound to get a bunch of laughs once your kids see them in their room!

Now, the second option is the best choice for older kids, so make sure that you don’t try it on younger ones. In this prank, you will create creepy eyeballs and place them on your unsuspecting victim – your kid. Start out with taking cheap ping pong balls (without any marks or writings) and create ‘eyeballs’ by cutting them in half. Sand the edges of the ping pong balls and use acrylic craft paints to paint those detailed eyeballs on to them. That is it – upon finishing, just place them on your older kid and don’t forget to take photos!

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