Here's How Baby Archie Is Already Making History

Archie Harrison might only be 2-months-old but it looks like he’s already making history on his own. In fact, there’s a new report that says Archie is such an influential baby that many moms and dads are wanting to name their future bundle of joys after him.

According to the popular baby name database Nameberry, Archie has managed to surpass just about every other name in the book, even though it’s only been a hot name for about two months now. The latest baby name report revealed the top names for both boys and girls so far this year and Archie is already ahead of the pack and by a good mile, too.

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Nameberry says that Archie had about 50 percent more views than any other name in their database. The name was the fastest rising boys name in the United States and even made it to the Top 1000 Baby Names for the first time in over 30 years. Across the pond, it’s been on the Top 100 list since 2000.

It’s also managed to bump the most popular “J” names from the top spot, including Jack, Jonathan and Jackson. Archie is currently sitting in the number one spot, followed by Milo, Asher, Jasper, Silas, Theodore, Atticus, Jack, Aarav, and Finn.

Unfortunately, Archie’s cousins Prince George and Prince Louis didn’t fare so well in the baby name department, as neither one of the names made it to the top 10 list. However, Archie’s other cousin Princess Charlotte did manage to snag a spot on the girl’s list. Right now, the top name for baby girls is Isla, followed by Olivia, Aurora, an Ada. Charlotte is holding strong at number 5 and is followed by Amara, Maeve, Cora, Amelia and Posie.

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Of course, if there is one person who deserves the credit here, it’s definitely Meghan Markle. Ever since she married into the royal family, everything that she has done has managed to make headlines in one way or another.

Not only has she transformed the way that her husband Prince Harry now dresses and carries himself, but she’s also helped change the way that the royals reach out to their audiences on social media. It’s no wonder that so many parents want to follow in Meghan’s footsteps and name their little royal bundle of joy after her tot, too.

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