Meghan Markle Reveals Baby Archie Has His Two Front Teeth

Meghan Markle reveals that her son, six-month-old Archie, now has two front teeth!

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been trying really hard to keep a lot of baby Archie's life out of constant media. However, they have shared some important milestones of their six-month-old son. They recently shared that their son has started to crawl! He seems to be growing up so fast and the royal parents are in awe of all of his changes. This past week, Meghan and Harry went and made a surprise visit where they joined military families and helped remember those who had lost their lives as well as veterans. While at a coffee hour in Winsor, the couple started talking to some of the guests where Meghan revealed that her son is now growing teeth. She leaned down to have a conversation with a little girl. She said, “Look at all your teeth! Archie just got two teeth, some tiny ones right there.” She then points at her bottom gums.

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Little Archie is so darn cute and we have loved seeing him whenever the royal couple allows us to look at him. Recently Markle shared that the little boy has red hair and they are very excited about that. Although he seems a bit bald there are some red tints to his hair and so it looks like his hair is going to look more like his daddy's hair! Markle was excited to see him having little red hair. She said that she can also see red tones in his eyebrows as well. It appears that Archie is getting his teeth right on time but he seems to be crawling a little bit early. We would love for them to get a video of the little one crawling around showing off his pearly whites! We would love to be able to see how quick he is moving.

Prince Harry and Meghan have to watch out because when the little one starts moving their whole world gets turned upside down. Archie will start being able to get into more stuff now!

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