20 Exotic Baby Names That Are Totally Original

Babies are a bundle of joy. No matter a boy or a girl, they are special to their parents in every way. Hence, selecting a name for the little one is no easy task. There’s no magic mathematical formula for choosing the perfect baby name.

25 Adorable Gender-Neutral Baby Names

It seems that lately, soon-to-be parents are branching out and doing their own thing when it comes to baby names. Granted, parents of baby boys and girls have always been on the prowl for names that a...

The Pros And Cons Of Getting The Epidural: 21 Points

Getting an epidural is often one of the things moms worry most about when it comes to labor and delivery. Of course, not every mom will want one, and not every mom will need one, but there are pros and cons to the procedure and its effects.

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