15 Reasons Moms Connect Better With Boys

In a family, it has been believed that there is a “like father like son” or “like mother like daughter” labeling. It’s a girl-to-girl and boy-to-boy tandem. However, there often comes a stage in the l...

25 Perfect Names For Boys Born In Fall

We all want our child to have the perfect name for the appropriate time they’re born, it just adds a bit of fun and commemorates the occasion of the wonderful day they’re welcomed to this world.

15 Pregnancy Symptoms Explained

Pregnant women usually have to take a home pregnancy test and usually need to follow it by a confirmatory blood test for accuracy. On the other hand, the signs and symptoms of pregnancy are well-known...

14 Ways Parents Ignore Their Baby

Studies have shown that it is important to interact and pay attention to children from an early age. Babies who have parents who talked to them and read to them at an early age have larger vocabularie...

15 Signs The Baby Has Breathing Abnormalties

That first cry from a newborn baby is magic to mom's and dad's ears. It's a beautiful sound — even at the highest pitches and peak intensity — because it's an indication that the baby is breathing and that life has begun.

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