Pregnancy Basics 101

If you could summarize your pregnancy with one movie title, which one would you choose? “Life is Beautiful,” “The Hunger Games,” “Psycho,” or maybe “Are We There Yet?” No matter which one you choose, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

8 Obstacles Breastfeeding Women Face

Today, breastfeeding is gaining ground. More than ever before, it is considered to be the best option through which to nourish your child (by a long shot). Consider the study most recently posted by ...

Top 10 Most Shocking Birth Stories

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, your head is probably swirling from all of the birth stories you’ve been hearing. Some of them are wonderful and uplifting, and almost too good to be true...

7 Tips for Driver Safety During Pregnancy

Are you looking forward to the road ahead, the journey that awaits when you finally deliver your gorgeous babe and become a mom at last? It’s so exciting, don’t you agree? No matter if it is the firs...

7 tips to help your baby start talking!

Upon the birth of your little bundle of joy, there are quite a few ‘firsts’ that you will simply not want to miss out on. Those first giggles, that beautiful first gummy smile, his/her first steps and...

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