Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham Share That They Are Very 'Excited' To Meet Their New Baby

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his wife Lauren are expecting their first child in June. They are so excited to meet her. Lauren is also really excited to not be pregnant anymore!


Arie Luyendyk became famous for his roll on The Bachelor. He was searching for love and we were all rooting for him to succeed. At the end of the season, he chose Becca (who later went on to star in the Bachelorette) We loved Becca and she was one of our favorites. We thought they would go on and make perfect babies together. Well, Arie has actually made a perfect baby, but with somebody else. After the last episode of Arie's season and after proposing to Becca he changed his mind. He decided that he didn't want Becca and told her he would be choosing Lauren Burnham. He instantly became one of the most disliked Bachelors. He proposed to Lauren instead, they got married, and they are now expecting their first child together.

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Regardless of our feelings towards Arie, we are actually very happy that he found his love. Don't worry. Becca found her love on her episode. Anyways, Arie and Lauren are expecting their first child together and they are so very excited! We are so happy for them and we are excited to see them as parents.


Arie and Lauren's baby is going to be coming in June and Lauren is kind of done being pregnant. She says that she has been pregnant for 7 months and so it has been a "long time coming." They are very excited to meet their little girl and be able to hold and cuddle her. Lauren is also very excited to be able to not be pregnant anymore and to get her body back. Arie said that they are going to be new parents and so they have been looking at all of the pregnancy apps and studying about how the baby is developing. He said that is has been a lot of fun learning about their baby together. They are keeping the name of their daughter a secret, but we can't wait to see pictures!

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Congratulations to the couple and their upcoming baby! We hope that Lauren continues to have a healthy and happy pregnancy! We are hoping that everything goes perfectly!

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