Arie Luyendyk’s April Fool’s Day Joke Did Not Go Over Well

For Christmas, any friends of Arie Luyendyck Jr. who might be reading this, it's highly recommended that at least one of you should send him a series of books on social etiquette or even a half-decent joke book. But at the rate The Bachelor star is going, he may not have any friends left by December.

Case in point, is his jocular bomb on April Fool's Day when he went on Twitter with a photo of a gowned midriff of who is presumed to be fiancée Lauren Burnham, and suggested that she had a "bunny" in the oven.

A few hour's later, Luyendyk came back with his best version of a zinger by declaring "APRIL FOOLS!" The sheer juvenile nature of that prank suggests that Luyendyk had been waiting all year to spring that one on his massive public. Massive as in 2,012 likes, 139 shares and 688 comments.

None of the Kardashians would even think of chipping their nail polish on their smartphones with a post if they expected numbers that low. Alas, this piece digresses....

But as for the comments, let's just say that quite a few of them were hardly favorable, with many of them saying it was in poor taste or simply not funny at all. Others found it offensive, especially Tweeters unable to conceive children of their own.


“As someone who struggles with fertility and would love nothing more than to have a baby this is so offensive,” posted one angry respondent.

"If this is a joke, it’s very poor taste. But you don’t have a good track record on decision making," replied another in reference to Luyendyk's jaw dropping faux pas on the finale of the latest season of The Bachelor. Earlier this year, Luyendyk proposed to and then broke off an engagement with finalist Becca Kufrin, before deciding to take the hand of Burnham. The incident made him the year's biggest reality TV villain so far.

So far, there's been no word on her reaction to the prank. A few days before the online incident, Burnham announced she was moving in with Luyendyk in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, if Luyendyk remains consistent with his socially-maladjusted behavior, she'll likely be complaining about more than just the desert heat.


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