Arizona Doctor Drops A Newborn Baby After Bath And Refuses To Apologize (Baby Okay)

A doctor dropped a baby on her head shortly after she was born and the doctor refuses to apologize.

ABC News

Derrick and Monique Rodgers just wanted an apology for an incident that happened moments after Monique gave birth to her twin girls Madison and Morgan. When they didn't receive an apology from the doctor they decided to release the video of the event that transpired at the hospital.

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Moments after the babies were born one of the doctors was holding the child. The staff member got slipped up and dropped one of the babies on her head just as she was born. One of the nurses who was overseeing the birth quickly grabbed the baby so that she wouldn't fall all the way to the ground. Derrick was filming the birth and so the entire event was captured on his camera.

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ABC News

The video shows the doctor hold the baby carelessly with one hand and the baby falls out of his hand onto the table. Derrick said that the moment made him so mad and furious that he didn't even want to continue recording. He had to say something to the doctor. He told the doctor, "you dropped my baby." And Derrick said that he seemed like he was very nonchalant about the whole situation. When he showed the doctor the video he still didn't seem to care.  In the video, after the doctor dropped the baby he looked up at his nurse horrified. However, even after he clearly was in the wrong and he made a HUGE mistake, he refused to apologize for the incident. Monique watched the video once and it made her so emotional that she refused to ever watch it again.

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Both children seem to be okay, but Morgan was found to have suffered a germinal matrix hemorrhage, or bleeding on the brain. The condition isn't uncommon. Due to the seriousness of the hospital allegations, there is no further information that can be told at this time. Hopefully, both children continue to grow strong and that everything will be able to work itself out. We are so sorry you guys had to go through such a traumatic event!


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