This Artist Gives Makeovers To Helmets Worn By Baby Babies With Flat Head Syndrome

Paula Strawn, an artist in Washington, created a business where she paints baby helmets to make them prettier.

Some babies are born with flat head syndrome, which is properly called Cranial plagiocephaly. If a child is diagnosed with flat head syndrome, parents should not be devastated by the news. Cranial plagiocephaly is actually very common and occurs in about half of the babies born. The condition is usually very treatable and in almost all cases does not cause any long term effects on the child. The condition is treated by the infant wearing a helmet for a few weeks or a few months until the condition corrects itself. The child will get fitted with a very bland blank helmet and is usually very boring and not very exciting.

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About 15 years ago an artist, Paula Strawn, was approached by a woman. The woman said that her granddaughter had to be fitted for a baby helmet and she wanted to see if she could make the helmet a little bit more colorful. Strawn said that she hadn't even seen a baby helmet prior to that experience but she was more than happy to make the helmet more exciting and "pretty." She said she was a bit intimidated because she had never done anything like that before, but the couple seemed to very pleased with the outcome.

Strawn started getting asked by people who had seen the helmet if she could do something similar for their child. She was living in California at the time and soon she was getting inquiries from across the state and then soon from other states. She shares that she started getting a lot of people who were bringing their helmets to her to paint. And now, it is her main business. She is getting helmets mailed to her from around the United States every single day. Strawn shares that she has painted about 3,200 helmets for little kids over the past 15 years.

She loves that she has been able to create a business that provides so much happiness for people. She loves that each baby gets to have an individualized helmet that makes them look even cuter. She gets letters all of the time from parents who are so grateful for her work and the love that she puts into each helmet is amazing. Strawn now is living in Washington and she still has people send her helmets. She shares a lot of her designs on her Instagram to show how cute these babies look in their personalized helmets.

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