10 Arts And Craft Ideas For Kids Under Four

What better way to pass time and spark imagination than with unique and fun arts and crafts ideas? Most children under four-years-old are preparing for school and becoming more and more social. They are developing communication skills. They are exploring their own, unique passions and talents and are often able to express them beautifully with art. Because of their incredible development in such a short amount of time, it is important to build creative outlets such as a guided art and craft project that also allows them some ability to free their artistic choices.

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10 Room Décor

With a large, rectangle piece of paper (color choice is all yours, my friend), roughly draw the room (preferably child’s bedroom or playroom) with small details they’d be willing to recognize.

Leaving the room spacious and quite empty. Cut out furniture, paintings, light fixtures and any home décor you can think of. Allow the child to place each cut-out where ever they choose. Use this craft-idea for a new room set-up they may want, or even to open your own mind up for rearranging a room in the home that needs some sprucing up. Try it, it’s fun!

9 Leaf Crown

The best arts and crafts are those where the child’s involved in every step. They are able to value the commitment of gathering the supplies and implementing them into their very own creation. Making a leaf crown is a perfect craft for those early, fall days. Forging for “treasures”, especially those that will be worn for the day’s entirety, are the most rewarding and fun!

Allow the child to carry a basket outside to choose their absolute favorite leaves. When finished, bring the leaves in to soak and dry to ensure all dirt is removed. Then, cut out a paper-crown. Glue the ends, and allow the child to place their leaves around their crown wherever they want! Then, glue the leaves into place and, ta-da! The best, royal king and/or queen is ready to “leaf” the way!

8 Llama, Llama

Llamas have absolutely taken a stand on trend-worthy aesthetics recently. Find them on pillowcases to pencil cases, llamas are here and they’re here to stay. This fun and creative craft is as simple as a scissor, a paper plate, and paint. Yes, just scissors, a paper plate…and paint.

Cut the paper plate into half. Using one moon-shaped half as its body and the remaining as its legs, neck, face, and tail, tape or glue the pieces into place. Paint its eyes, nose, and mouth, then allow the child to decorate as they please. Whether the child uses their llama as a toy or decoration, this colorful and fun creature will be a returning craft, no doubt!

7 Cactus Pet Rocks

Yet another trend to take note of are Cacti. Cacti can be found on birthday cards, on t-shirts and magazines. People love their size, simplicity and easy maintenance. But, if even a Cactus is too difficult to water, we have a great craft that kids will absolutely adore: Cactus Pet Rocks!

Simply forage for smooth rocks, usually found near large bodies of water or purchased at local craft shops. Ensure that they are washed and dried before allowing the child to paint them (in its entirety) green. Allow the rock to dry. Bring out other paint colors, sparkles and or objects (like buttons) to attach for a more unique outcome!

Allow the rocks to dry before glueing them to a small pot. Clustered or individual, these Cacti Rock Plants will be a hit. This is a great craft to enjoy while preparing for some warmer weather. If you'd like some cozy other craft ideas, here's a perfect list to keep you and your little ones busy!

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6 Fruitloop Rainbow

It is very important to practice coloring within the lines with children under the age of 4. They are not only developing small motor skills but gaining the habit of detail when it comes to writing and drawing. A great, fun and tasty way to prepare for repetition and detail is drawing a rainbow with its appropriate colors and giving the child fruit loops to place within a color-matched row. So easy...and yummy! This simple Fruitloop Rainbow craft will also educate them on their color memory and matching skills. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

5 Foot Flowers

The best to be done outside or on top of a protected floor, foot flowers is a fun (and very sweet) memento for parents and guardians to keep for years to come. Place a plastic sheet large enough to cover an area you do not want paint all over along with a bucket of soapy water at arms-reach.

Allow the bare-foot child to dip the bottoms of their feet into chosen colored paint, and lightly press over the paper. Allow them to do this as many times as they’d like, as each footprint will become flowers! Once they are washed up and the paint has dried, the parent and/or caretaker can then paint the stems and leaves to connect their feet into tiny, little flowers. Make sure to write their name and age on the back, because this little flower is continuously growing, don’t forget!

4 Toilet Paper Fish

Another fun way to upcycle an item that is thrown out quite often in the house is by using clean toilet paper rolls for a fun craft. By flattening the toilet paper roll out and cutting two triangles across from each other (near the ends of the rolls) a tail can be easily formed. Along with these cuts, add two more beside the smaller triangles to make a fish shape.

Once the fish has taken its form, the child can color them any way they’d like. Add a smiley face and some googly eyes, and your fish is ready for play. The fish can be hung as a mobile or in an old tank for some unique fun!

3 Paper-strip Art

As an Easter classic craft, cut out large egg-shaped pieces from cardboard. Then cut strips of paper, any color you and the child would like, and lay them in a pile. With a glue stick, cover the shapes. Allow the child to lay the strips down, one at a time, until the egg is covered. The adult or child can then trim the edges. This craft is so versatile for any occasion, as the shape can become a Christmas Tree, a Birthday Cake, and so on.

2 Finger Dot Caterpillar

Paint play is always a no-brainer when it comes to an arts and crafts idea that you know the child will love. With any color of their choosing, allow them to dip their fingers and make a line of dots. Once the line is finished and the paint has dried, glue two googly eyes on one of the ends and draw two antennae onto the caterpillar’s head. Easy and adorable!

1 Egg Carton Caterpillar

Love the caterpillar craze just as we do? Have an old egg-carton that you’d like to create something unique and fun for your kids to enjoy? Look no further! Cut out the bumps of the egg carton for the child to color, paint and decorate. Be creative: use glitter, pipe cleaners, clay and more to make every part of this caterpillar fantastic!

Once the bumps (as many as they’d like) are decorated perfectly, with glue along the inside edges of the pieces, carefully attach each bump. At the caterpillar’s head, add two eyes and antennas made from pipe clear. This is a classic craft that will have the child occupied with fun until they’re done!

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