All 8 Babies From Ashland's Fire Department Baby Boom Have Been Delivered

Ashland Fire Department Truck

Oregon seems to have uncovered a new magic number. Eight babies were born to eight different firefighters in Ashland within just 8 months!

A fire station in Ashland, Oregon has had their own mini baby boom. They all knew that they would be having babies all at the same time because it seemed like every single week somebody in their group was announcing that their wife was pregnant. It was a great time for all the men to be able to talk about their wives pregnancies and then they got to talk about their little babies when that time came. It is such a fun time because they are all in the same boat.

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The eight firefighters have had a lot of fun sharing this time with each other. The men get to come to work and bounce questions off of each other since some of these guys became fathers for the first time. The dads were able to finally get all of their kids together at the same time which is very difficult to do.

The baby boom began in January when firefighter Jake Hale had his first baby, Mila Hale. Jake said that they were so blessed to be able to get pregnant and he is just so blessed to be able to have his new little baby girl Mila. Mila is the oldest of the group and so she will be turning one year old soon.

Shortly after little Mila, Caroline Maggard was born to firefighter Brad Maggard. Brad is also a first-time dad and he is understanding the stress that goes along with becoming a father. It has been a tough time, but little Caroline is totally worth it.

The third baby, Hunter Cantrell, was born a few months later in March to Tyler Cantrell. Tyler was so excited to learn that all of the firefighter wives were going to be delivering around the same time. He is excited to be able to watch all of the kids grow up together.

Little Harper Powell was born in April and her daddy is Scott Powell. In May, Matt McAllister had his new son Henry McAllister. Then in June baby Maverick Cornwell was born to his father firefighter Anthony Cornwell. Anthony was gushing over his new baby boy as he said that it is amazing and fun that all of his team are going through the same thing at the same time. Last, but certainly not least, Odis Sturgill had his beautiful little baby Hudson. Odis said that since it is his first child he is constantly bouncing questions off of the other guys.

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What an amazing experience for all of these dads and babies. It will be really fun to watch them grow up! It will be interesting to see if they have another kid around the same time! We are hoping that all of these babies grow up with health and happiness! Congratulations dads on all of your beautiful new babies!

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