Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Bare Baby Bump In New Photo: "Baby Boy Is The Size Of A Coconut"

Sports Illustrated model, Ashley Graham, is pregnant with her first baby and she shared that the little guy is the size of a coconut.

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Ashley Graham shared a picture on Instagram of her in a black bra and underwear. She was showing off her big beautiful pregnant belly. Graham was holding a pair of earbuds up to her stomach. Her little baby boy is listening to his mama's podcast. She was seen smiling at the camera looking just as beautiful as ever. The mom-to-be captioned her post "Baby boy is the size of a coconut this week and already getting some advice from @gayleking on my podcast @prettybigdealpod 💙 Gayle you are wild and I LOVE IT. We fast forwarded your story about the stripper pole 🤣." She looks so amazingly happy in this photo and we are so happy for her! 

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Last week we were thrilled to hear the big announcement about the gender of the sweet little baby on Ellen Degeneres. Graham was being interviewed by Ellen in a game where Ellen asked her questions really quickly. During the questioning, we learned that Ashley has a crush on Steve Carell and that she also split her pants at a Rhianna show. And then Ellen calmly asked Ashley if she was going to be having a boy or a girl. And then Ashley responds by saying, "I’m having a boy!" she screamed. "I'm going to be a mommy to a boy! The whole entire audience screamed and cheered out of excitement.

Earlier in this pregnancy, Graham also shared a nude picture of herself to show off her amazing stretch marks. She wanted to show everybody how her body has changed so much since she had become pregnant but she was so proud of her body. She should be proud because she looks amazing! She also shared with us a photo of her Halloween costume. She was a pregnant Jessica Rabbit and she totally rocked it! She looked incredible! We have seriously loved watching her belly grow and we have loved watching her get bigger! We are so excited for her upcoming baby boy!

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