Ashley Graham Responds To Haters Who Accused Her Of Fertility Problems

Supermodel Ashley Graham has been documenting her pregnancy journey ever since she announced her pregnancy with husband Justin Ervin. She's been super open about the physical changes she's going through, as well as the mental changes. Her followers seem to genuinely appreciate it, as it makes her appear super transparent about her first pregnancy. Unfortunately, this has opened Graham up to criticism concerning her pregnancy experience.

Recently, Graham uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram, practicing self-care by getting a massage in St. Barths. It was a gorgeous image of her growing baby bump that also revealed how grateful she is for her pregnancy. It received a lot of positive comments from followers and other Instagram users alike for the shot itself, as well as the message alongside it.

But one user decided to leave a particularly nasty comment on the aforementioned Instagram post. The comment read, "I can tell sis probably struggled to have this baby," implying that Graham struggled with fertility issues. Not only is this completely uncalled for and rude, but it can also be upsetting with Graham was struggling with getting pregnant. That particular fact is really no one's business, and it's Graham's choice to address it.

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In the case of this nasty comment, Graham decided to respond to it. She replied with, "Saw your other ‘pressed AF’ comment. Not sure why you are commenting or following if you are just going to hate. Love you sis and hope you find some peace & positivity."

This came as the perfect response from Graham, a woman who's known to be frank and open about most everything. This was before she got pregnant; after all, Graham has been incredibly vocal about body positivity and spreading the important message of loving your body as it is. Now that she's expecting her first child, she's only going to push that message more. So to see her stand up for herself was, to be frank, rather expected.

It's a shame that Graham even had to deal with such a rude comment. Hopefully, such comments will be far and few between for her sake. Here's hoping that she can enjoy her pregnancy and subsequent journey to becoming a mom.

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