Ashley Wirkus, 'Summer House' Star Delivers Baby!

Summer House, Ashley Wirkus, shares that she was able to give birth to a beautiful baby boy!

Ashley Wirkus became famous for her role on Summer House. Wirkus is now a boutique owner and is also a professional blogger. She gave birth to her son, who she named Dean Hudson McAtee. He was born on Friday, May 24, at Scripps Encinitas Hospital in California. Little precious Dean was born at 9:53 a.m and weighed 8lbs 7 oz and was 20.5 inches long. Baby Dean was perfectly healthy and Ashley is recovering very well.

Lauren Wirkus, Ashley's sister, tells People that little Dean is just the most perfect baby in the world. She went on to say that the labor was an incredible experience and she had a lot of support in the room when she delivered Dean. Not only was her husband, Brad McAtee there, but she also had all of her sisters in the room which was Lauren, Rachel, and Mia. Then also Ashley had her mother Dana in the delivery room too! That is a full crowd that helped support Ashley through her delivery.  Lauren said, "before the doctor came in, she said she could hear us all coaching and pushing alongside Ashley. No surprise, our cheering was heard throughout the hospital once he arrived!”

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Ashley announced that she was pregnant back in November. She shared that she was pregnant by sharing pictures of her gender reveal party. She said that she was going to be having a baby coming and he was "coming May 2019." She hashtagged her announcement by saying, "#itsaboy #morningsicknessisreal." Her husband shared the announcement on his Instagram and said, "beyond excited to welcome Baby BOY McAtee in May 2019 #itsaboy."

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Throughout her pregnancy, she shared her updates about her pregnancy. She shared about her morning sickness, her baby bump progressing, and then she also even shared her nursery reveal of her baby. Her fans were kept up-to-date on all her struggles and her joy. She said that before she became pregnant she would follow other people on Instagram and she saw about how "beautiful" and "amazing" pregnancy, delivery and motherhood is. She realized that once she became pregnant that it wasn't as perfect as everybody showed on Instagram. It was then that she realized that Instagram is just a reel of perfection. She wanted to also share the "real" things of pregnancy and delivery. It's not all flowers and beauty! She wanted to make sure that her fans know that Instagram life is not real life. That is important for everybody to remember!

Congratulations Ashley! We are so excited for you and your sweet little baby Dean!

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