Beauty Vlogger Aspyn Ovard Is Expecting Her First Baby

It was an announcement so exciting that it simply could not wait until the intended date of reveal - which is today, the most romantic day of the year - Valentine's Day. The beauty guru community is still reeling from the announcement made earlier this week by popular YouTube Beauty vlogger Aspyn Ovard that she is expecting her first child with husband Parker Ferris.

Ovard, 22, has been a YouTube fan favourite since she came on the scene way back in 2010. She currently maintains a lifestyle and beauty blog and manages her own YouTube channel, which to date has over three million subscribers.

For the longest time, the rumours have been circling - is she or isn't she? Will they or won't they announce in their next video? Ovard herself didn't help the chatter when she made a video several months ago entitled 24 Hours Being Pregnant Challenge, where she sported a fake pregnancy belly. It was clear that the YouTube star was excited to become a mom one day soon herself.

"This video will be the perfect way to practice being pregnant," she said at the time.

Fast forward seven months and Ovard's dream has come true. She is officially going to be a mommy.

"This week's video is the video you guys have all been waiting for," she gushed in her latest vlog posted this past Monday, appropriately titled I'm Pregnant!!!. "We're doing this guys, I am pregnant!"

Ovard shared that this week she is 11 weeks along - and while they ideally wanted to wait until 12 weeks to announce, they figured that now was just a good a time as any. She also shared a little back story of how she and her husband and initially planned to start trying for a family but had to wait several months due to travel complications.


They finally began in earnest this past August, and Ovard wasted no time in getting her hands on all the tricks and tools to help make their chances the absolute best - this included tracking her cycle using an app and purchasing ovulation predictor kits to ensure they were making the most out of her fertility window.

"I just want this to happen as [quickly] as possible," she said. "I felt like I waited for so long [already]."

Five months after they began trying on December 16, they got the news they had been hoping for: two pink lines.

And it was all caught on tape.

After taking an "internet cheapie" pregnancy test, Ovard was sure she saw a faint second line. But she had only studied it after the recommended time had passed, so a couple of hours later she took another, just to be sure.

The line was darker.

When Ferris came home, she ushered him quickly into the bathroom, camera rolling.

"Do you see two lines?" she asked. His face said it all. Yes, he did.

And the rest is history.

According to Ovard, the couple will be finding out the gender shortly - so fans will have another reveal to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Congratulations - and we can't wait to see if there is pink or blue in their future!

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