At What Stage Of The Pregnancy Dad Will Step Up, Based On His Horoscope

Guys are not all the same and they don't react to pregnancy the same way. This is why using astrology to figure out how men are going to act during their partner's pregnancies makes so much sense. Any women who is expecting will learn a lot about her partner by reading this list, whether she's with a thrill-seeking Aries, a sensitive Pisces or a workaholic Capricorn...or any other sign of the horoscopes.

Some signs are known for being caring during pregnancy. Others tend to become more caring once babies are born. To make this list more fun, the pictures are of famous guys who are dads. Scott Disick is a Gemini, Daniel Craig is a Pisces, Chris Hemsworth is a Leo. These are just  of many examples. While reading the list, women will be able to see which famous daddy shares their partner's sign.

No matter what sign their partners are, women should communicate how they are feeling and what they need from their partners during pregnancy. Men like to solve problems, so women should let guys know what's happening, from morning sickness to pregnancy cravings to lower back pain and beyond. Letting a guy know how he can help to solve the problem will make him feel valuable and useful. Good communication is key.

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20 Aries Guys May Wait Until Babies Are Born To Step Up


Aries guys are go-getters and they are almost always on the move. They like action. Aries guys like Ewan McGregor tend to enjoy adventure. When a woman is pregnant, an Aries partner will try to be considerate, but Aries is not the most considerate sign. The Aries guy may have trouble walking a mile in your shoes while you're pregnant. If you love him, try to be patient.

Aries people have a childlike quality, no matter how old they are. Just because your Aries is running around, like he usually does, doesn't mean that he doesn't care. He's just doing his thing and may be a little clueless about how you're feeling.

19 Aries Guys Tend To Be Selfish


When an Aries guy sees a newborn that is a part of him, he'll become devoted fast. Until that happens, he may act a bit selfish. Aries is the first sign of the horoscopes. It's astrology's "newborn". This is why a lot of Aries people tend to act selfish, like little kids. Some big divas are born under Aries, including Elton John, Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. If you're pregnant and dating an Aries, try to remind him that pregnancy is not always a comfortable experience. Flatter him into supporting you, by letting him know that his love and concern make all of the difference. Aries people really want to be heroes for others.

18 Taurus Guys Will Be Supportive From Day One


Your cuddly Taurus guy will be a help while you're pregnant. Taurus people are into being comfortable and they care about the comfort of their loved ones. Your Taurus guy will be happy to go out and buy the food you're craving or cook you a nice meal. He'll bring you a blanket when you want to rest on the couch. What he wants in return is your affection, so try to make sure that he gets that. When you're pregnant, you may be thinking a lot about how YOU are feeling and that's normal. Just consider that he needs the same care and support that he doles out, or close to it.

17 Taurus Guys May Worry About Money


Taurus guys, like Facebook head honcho, Mark Zuckerberg, and Dwayne Johnson, have the money thing all figured out. They've got money handled. This is important for Taurus. Taurus people are here to make money and use it to create comfortable and secure lifestyles, for themselves and the people that they love. The problem is that all Taurus guys don't have wealth, like Zuckerberg and The Rock do. Taurus guys may find that having pregnant partners triggers their worst insecurities about not having enough money. Your Taurus guy may get a little obsessed with money while you're pregnant. This may throw him off-balance.

16 Geminis Will Wait Until Trimester Three To Step Up


Gemini guys are known for having two sides to their personalities. The symbol of Gemini is The Twins, so these guys can be complicated. Scott Disick is a Gemini and his complicated relationship with babymama, Kourtney Kardashian, is the subject of media fascination. Scott has seemed so devoted to Kourtney in the past. He wanted to marry her during a trip, but also had texts to a woman he named "wife" in his phone. Some Gemini guys are tricky, but there are good ones who don't play games. In general, though, a Gemini guy will not be as emotionally present as a woman wants during pregnancy, because he's got so many things going on.

15 Geminis May Not Be Able To Handle Staying At Home


Geminis are social and Gemini guys will probably find it tough to spend a lot of nights at home with their pregnant partners. Some will step up, but others will keep going out, and this may create some tension. Gemini Scott Disick's partying ways caused a lot of tension in his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. She was ready to grow up and he was perhaps not quite ready to do so, so they weren't really on the same page. They seem to be co-parenting peacefully these days, which is great news for the kids. Scott recently had dinner with Kourtney and his girlfriend, Sofia Richie!

14 Cancer Men Will Be Supportive The Whole Time


Cancer men usually love babies, so they will be supportive when their partners are pregnant, and they'll be really supportive once their babies are born. These guys, including Vin Diesel, have no trouble getting in touch with their nurturing sides. They are comfortable with caring for others. Cancer men are intuitive, so your Cancer partner may know how you are feeling during pregnancy, without you needing to say a single word. You shouldn't have any trouble getting emotional support while you're expecting, if your guy is a typical Cancer. He will want to protect you and the unborn baby the whole time, right up until the delivery. Then, he'll go into full daddy mode.

13 Cancer Men Have Their Moods, Though


The downside of Cancer is that Cancer people are really, really moody. Their moods may chance very suddenly. A Cancer can be ecstatic one minute and morose the next. Since you'll be dealing with your own pregnancy mood swings, you may find that you have less patience with your sensitive partner's moods while you're expecting. You may wish that he was more emotionally balanced. Anyway, these guys do have a lot of great points when it comes to being partners. Everyone has flaws, and moodiness is the big flaw of the Cancer sign. Elon Musk is a Cancer and his moods go up and down. You can track them based on his tweets.

12 Leo Men Will Step Up In The Second Trimester


Leo men will step up when their partners baby bumps become more visible during the second trimester. Once your Leo guy sees your growing bump getting bigger by the day, it'll start to hit home that life is a lot different than usual. Men born under this sign, such as Chris Hemsworth, generally have sunny and charismatic personalities, and they will bring a lot of cheer and laughter into their pregnant partner's lives. While the Leo man may always put himself first, he has a loyal side, too, and that will come out during the second trimester. This big-hearted sign has plenty to give.

11 Leo Men Need Attention, Too


Leo men, such as Ben Affleck, are very reliant on attention from other people. They want to be in the spotlight. Ben's ex and babymama, Jennifer Garner, said that she felt so good when Ben was paying attention to her, but found it rough when his attention was elsewhere. Leo men have egos and want them stroked. If they don't feel adored enough at home, rightly or wrongly, they may reach out for attention from other people. To keep a Leo happy while you're pregnant, let him know that he's cherished. This will bring out his protective side and make him feel more supportive.

10 Virgo Men Will Be Helpful From The Start


Virgo guys, like Tom Hardy, are organized, detail-oriented and surprisingly humble as partners. There is a modesty to this Sun Sign that comes out in relationships. A Virgo is also very health-conscious. During your pregnancy, a Virgo will be as concerned with your health as he is with his own. He will do so many small things to make your life easier, from shopping for healthy foods to organizing the home to cleaning the home to preparing the nursery. While Virgo guys aren't the most sensitive guys around, they do care and show it through service. They go the extra mile to care for their partners.

9 Libra Men May Be Too Busy Socializing To Step Up


Libra men are astrology's charmers. Libra is a sign that is born with lots of blessings. Most Libras (male or female) are naturally very attractive, in addition to being intelligent, charming and fit. They do meet a lot of people's expectations of what perfection is. Libra is ruled by Venus, so Librans often appear perfect, even when they're not. Because of their blessings, they are in demand. Will Smith is a Libra that people love. He retains his popularity through the decades. People think he's adorable. Your Libra will care how you're doing during your pregnancy, but may not be around all of the time, because he gets so many tempting social invites.

8 Libra Men Are Very Considerate And Polite, Though


While Libra guys may not give up their social lives while their partners are pregnant, their partners may not actually want them to give up their social lives. When a Libra guy, like Matt Damon, is home with his pregnant partner, he'll be so considerate. These guys have great manners, unless something really throws them off balance. Since they are such pleasant company, they do offer a lot to their pregnant partners, in terms of fun conversations, compliments and general attentiveness. It's true that many Libra guys flirt too much with too many people. This is the downside of being so charming.

7 Scorpio Men Will Step Up Right Away Or Not At All


Scorpio is an extreme sign. A Scorpio like Gavin Rossdale may appear to be the perfect partner, but have a double life that is secret. This sign can be attracted to the dark side. Gwen Stefani clearly adored her Scorpio hubby and was devastated when the truth about his long affair with the family nanny was revealed. Gavin had seemed to be the perfect husband, but really wasn't. With Scorpio, it can always go either way. A Scorpio like Travis Scott will step up for his partner when she's expecting and show remarkable maturity and kindness. But there's always the chance that a Scorpio won't step up at all, or is hiding something.

6 Sag Men May Be More Engaged With Older Babies


A Sag partner loves travel, exercise and meeting new people. This sign is extroverted, jolly and fun. Sag guys may not be the most considerate during pregnancy, but they will generally step up when babies are older. Sagittarius guys love to communicate. When their babies start babbling and speaking, Sag men will be thrilled. This is a sign that loves a laid-back, friendly family vibe. Once babies start talking, Sag will be able to teach them things and joke around. Sag guys like Brad Pitt love to teach and joke around. Sag men will want to be buddies with their kids, but Sag men may feel hindered in their lifestyles while their partners are pregnant.

5 Capricorn Men Will Step Up In Later Pregnancy

At What Stage Of The Pregnancy Dad Will Step Up, Based On His Horoscope

Capricorns are responsible and mature. They are planners. However, they are also kind of rigid with regard to their schedules and lifestyles. They love their routines. They set their lives up just how they want them. This is why Capricorn guys, like Tyrese, may not step up until later pregnancy. These guys may need time to adjust their schedules. They may need time to come to terms with the fact that their lives are going to change in a big way. Capricorn men have a lot of strengths. They are usually dependable and good providers. They are quietly devoted to their partners and enjoy having traditional families.

4 Capricorn Guys Are Workaholics, Though


The downside of the Capricorn guy is his desire to scale the heights in his career, but is this really a downside? A Capricorn will often stand out in the workplace, because he's the type of guy who follows the rules, get things done and never quits. Capricorn, LeBron James, is a living basketball legend. He works hard to excel, but also gives a lot to his family. During pregnancy, you may find that your Capricorn man is too consumed with his career, but you'll appreciate his business-minded attitude down the line, because he's likely to be an exceptional provider, and this means security for the family.

3 Aquarius Men Will Be Kind, If A Bit Detached


Mila Kunis has said that her hubby, Ashton Kutcher, is really into having kids and building a family, just like she is. Mila is a Leo and Aquarius is her opposite sign. With Ashton, she has a partner who balances her out perfectly. Ashton and Mila do seem very happy together.

Aquarian guys aren't the most emotional guys around, as a rule. They are more friendly and detached. This doesn't mean that they aren't there for their partners one hundred percent. A lot of Aquarians are extremely honorable with their partners and children. They tend to do the right thing. While Ashton had his bad boy days, he seems to be there for Mila.

2 Pisces Men Will Be Compassionate From Day One


Daniel Craig is a Pisces guy with megabucks, huge acting talent and tons of charisma. He's a dream man for plenty of women, mostly due to his amazing performances as James Bond. In real life, Daniel Craig is devoted to his beautiful wife, Rachel Weicz, who is also a Pisces. Pisces people are sensitive and usually kind. They feel the feelings of other people, just as though they were their own feelings. Since Pisces guys are so dialled in emotionally, they are able to provide what their partners need during pregnancy. They are intuitive enough to know what they should do to make their partner's lives easier.

1 A Pisces Guy May Worry Too Much About You


Taylor Hansen is a Pisces and he's got six kids. He's heavy into family. He loves having lots of children around. He also seems very considerate of his wife, whether she's pregnant or not. Since he's a sensitive Pisces, he may actually worry about his partner too much sometimes. Pisces people take on other people's problems all of the time, when it would be healthier for them to detach now and then. If you're not feeling too bad when you're pregnant, be sure to let your Pisces man know that things are ok. It'll give him peace of mind. Otherwise, he may worry too much.

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