Aunt Who Believes 'Children Ruin Lives' Watches Baby, Results In ER Visit

After a two-year-old was left alone with her aunt, who doesn't like children, was sent to the emergency room, one mother is furious, but the internet doesn't think her anger is targetted correctly.

In the Reddit group r/AmITheA**Hole — a subreddit where users share stories and members vote on who is the jerk of a situation — u/EducationalFeed9 says she's an 18-year-old woman with a 27-year-old sister for a few minutes while she caught a bus for a doctor's appointment. Normally, their mother watches the baby, but she was out for a short period of time but would be back momentarily. In the meantime, the newly crowned babysitter could just plot the baby in front of a TV and things will be OK. The sister reluctantly took the two-year-old after originally saying no, and u/EducationalFeed9 was out the door. Minutes later, she got a call from her mother, they were taking the baby to the ER.

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"Apparently my sister had left the room for a couple of minutes and my daughter wondered where she was going as she is never alone," writes the Redditor in a post we edited slightly. "So she tried to get off the sofa to follow her, and she slipped and whacked her head."

Now, the 18-year-old mother is livid while the sister says she was emotionally manipulated to watch a baby despite saying doing so made her uncomfortable. So, u/EducationalFeed9 turned to Reddit to ask who the jerk was in this situation. The group voted pretty quickly and decided the woman writing the story is to blame. They say the sister should have been fine leaving the baby alone for a brief period of time to make a cup of coffee or use the washroom, and children get hurt in weird ways all the time. Not only that, but the group pointed out the sister expressed she didn't want to watch the child, so leaving a baby alone with her would be pretty unwise anyway.

While it's unfortunate that a two-year-old had to be sent to the ER, it's hard to place the blame on the sister here. Leaving a child with someone who did not want to look after her is not a good idea, and from the way the story is written, it is made to seem as though the child could be left alone for periods of time.

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