Australia Rules Sperm Donor Is Legal Parent To 11 Year Old

Australian high courts ruled in favor of  "sperm donor" dad and said that he could have legal parental rights of his 11-year-old daughter.

In 2006 a man donated his sperm to a woman with the intention of raising the child together. The man has been actively involved in the child's life ever since she was born. When the child was born, the "sperm donor's" name was inserted on the birth certificate of the little girl. However, shortly after she was born the couple had a disagreement and the mother tried to make it so that dad wasn't involved. The bio father has played a huge role in her life through financial support, health, education, and her general welfare.

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The man wanted to see if he could have legal rights to the child as her biological father. He took his case to court and the lower court said that he was nothing more than a "sperm donor." He started the legal process when he learned that the girl's mother and partner were going to be moving far away from him. He felt like he had some legal rights as the child's biological father. After 2 years of legal proceedings, he has finally received the ruling that he was seeking. Australia's highest courts ruled unanimously that the man was indeed the 11-year-old's father and not just a "sperm donor."


The relationship with the little girl and her biological father was deemed to be very important and secure. They felt like she should not be taken away from her father. The courts found that the man's role went way beyond that of a typical "sperm donor." A sperm donor is one who is no more than just a means to create the child. The mother of the daughter is very upset and claimed that he was only ever supposed to be a "sperm donor" and he wasn't supposed to be involved in the child's life beyond giving his sperm. The courts found this hard to believe since his name was placed on the birth certificate. She also had no complaint about receiving money from the father to help with her child.

The courts are aware that this was a very dangerous case because now they might be seeing more and more cases come before them regarding sperm donors. There might be more donors who come to the court to see if they are able to receive visitation rights or legal rights over the children that they fathered. The courts want to make sure that everybody knows this is a unique case where the father was under the impression that he would always be involved and the mom tried to get him out of the picture even though he had a very attached relationship with his daughter.

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