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I Don't Owe You A Photo Of My Child

Before our daughter was born last year, my husband and I decided the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to sharing baby photos online. To keep her safe from pedophiles searching social media and pre...

Did You Know...

Moms Are Living For Nap Time

My baby went to bed at 8:30 PM last night and woke up this morning at around 6:45 AM. She wanted milk, so I fed her until she was sleepy again. Once her eyes were closed and her belly was full, back t...


I've Changed My Mind, I Need A Clean Home

It wasn't too long ago that I said, "That's it, I'm over keeping a spotless home." I threw my hands in the air and gave way to the chaos of living with a husband and a tiny person, both of whom leave ...


"Team No Sleep" Is Dangerous For Parents

My child easily sleeps through the night. She's done it for months now. It's so kind of her to afford me the hours I need to sleep...except I'm not using them at all for sleep. Right now, it's killing me.


I Don't Allow My Baby To Use Technology

I don't let my baby watch television or play on my cell phone, and I don't feel bad about the decision to leave technology out of her life. Sure, I know it can be an educational tool, and it also help...

Parenting News

When RSV Is Not 'Just A Cold'

My household is recovering from a cold that made its roundabouts last week. I caught it first, then our daughter did, and finally, Dad succumbed to the man cold. While we adults are good to go, our gi...


Making Mom Friends Is Impossibly Difficult

When you're pregnant, it feels like other people— especially other women— genuinely want to be your friend. They're eager to learn how you're feeling, what you're naming your baby, and if you're prepa...


I Miss Caring About My Appearance

We took our baby to the pool over Labor Day weekend, and were only there for about an hour. Before we left, I found myself trying to memorize every last thing about our 10-month-old in the pool: the w...


My Birth Plan Was A Complete Waste Of Time

Many moms to-be are eager to download all the pregnancy apps the minute they learn they're expecting. These apps are packed with helpful tips and checklists to prepare for baby's arrival. One of the b...

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