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postpartum changes

10 Postpartum Changes Nobody Talks About

Pregnancy and delivery transform you as a person; they make you feel bolder, braver, more responsible, and ready to do anything to ensure your baby’s wellbeing. However, rarely do people talk about th...

Did You Know...

10 Facts About Postpartum Euphoria

Every mom braces herself for the baby blues and PPD; as 1 in 7 women may experience a severe bout of PPD. However, what many moms do not see coming is the baby pinks or postpartum euphoria. Postpartum...

cool dad

10 Adorable Idris Elba Dad Moments

Idris Elba is far more famous for being People’s 2018’s sexiest man alive. Just look at his face, his voice, his body, his demeanor: everything about him just screams attractive.