Articles by Adrienne Phekoo

Awesome Tips for a Better Hospital Stay


Nobody thinks about what they’re packing the second their water breaks. That doesn’t mean that you should figure out what you need through trial and error. Check out this thorough list of items you ne...

Moms' Tips for a Better Hospital Stay


Once the post-euphoria (and post-pain) period of birth giving has faded and you’re lying in your hospital bed, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle. You suddenly realize that you’re going to be ...

12 Names That Mean Love


Modern poets hum and haw about love being in the air, but rarely are they being literal. We see love in the physical affections of one being to another, but, how often do we step back and notice the m...

7 Things You Can Compare Contraction Pain To


Contraction pains can be a very personal thing for the woman experiencing them and, unfortunately, not everyone understands that. While the image of one tossing and turning in agony as they prepare to...

Most Popular Baby Names of 2015


As Shakespeare once put it: “What’s in a name?” To some, however, it may be a bit more than a rose — maybe even a dash of influence from acclaimed actors, heartthrob models, or other notable pu...