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20 Dos And Don’ts Of Weaning The Baby

After dealing with soreness, struggling to get into the right position for the perfect latch, or tiring of reaching for a pump, it is understandable when a mom has had enough. And then, a nursing moth...


How To Get More Breastmilk: 21 Things

Most mothers hear since the beginning of their pregnancy that giving their babies breastmilk is the best thing for their health. However, what happens when breastmilk levels are low, or mom is unsure if the baby is getting enough milk to thrive?


26 Things No One Tells Women About Pregnancy

To anyone who thought pregnancy means always feeling like a goddess with a heavenly glow, and rocking chic maternity wear apparel with a perfect baby bump: think again. That nagging suspicion that the...

Baby Buzz

20 Ways To Get Him To Have More Babies

Baby fever. Those two words can make a dad break out into a panicked sweat, especially when they thought the number of kids they already had was fine, or it might be too much to handle.


25 Signs The Baby Wants To Be Held More

There is no way that an infant can be spoiled from being held too often. Babies were born to be touched with love, kindness, and to enjoy skin-to-skin contact for the betterment of their health, the d...

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