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15 Celebs Who Struggled With Infertility

It can be heartbreaking for couple’s that go through infertility struggles. But this is more common than many would expect. Many men and women suffer in silence, as there’s still a taboo associated wi...

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15 Children Who Survived Murder Attempts

When people turn on the news, stories about children’s lives being taken far too soon flood the screen. It’s unfortunately not uncommon to hear of the tragic murders of children. Its every parent’s wo...

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15 Perfect Pregnant Women You Can't Help But Hate

Most expecting mothers could care less about what they’re wearing, especially when they reach the third trimester. But there are some women who remain true to their Fashionista selves during their pregnancy. And it's mind-boggling how they do it.

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14 Ridiculous Teen Dad Fails

It’s no secret that parenting is a lot harder if a woman's only a teenager. Countless teenaged girls and boys become parents every year, so a person might know a lot more teenaged parents than one thi...


14 Kids Who Outsmarted Their Kidnapper

Child abductions are one of a parent’s worst nightmares. Countless children have disappeared without a trace, and their families are left wondering whether they are still alive or not. Many parents ne...

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