Articles by Alexandra Sakellariou


10 Ways To Help Induce Labor At Home

For years, women have been trying all sorts of methods to jumpstart labor. Especially in the final weeks of pregnancy, things begin getting uncomfortable. So, it’s not uncommon for the mom-to-be to be...


10 Parenting Tips That Gwyneth Paltrow Follows

Fans will recognize Gwyneth Paltrow from her roles in iconic movies like Emma (1996), Shakespeare In Love (1998), and Contagion (2013). But aside from her acting credits, the celebrity has become know...


20 Rare Photos Of Channing Tatum Growing Up

Fans grew to love Channing Tatum thanks to his work in movies like Dear John (2010), The Vow (2012), Magic Mike (2012), and 21 Jump Street (2012). But compared to many actors of the same caliber, Chan...

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