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Family Matters: I Hope My Kids Stay Close

I hope my kids stay close as they get older. I don't mean geographically, although that would be nice! No, I mean close as a family unit. The kind of solid foundation that a healthy family can provide...

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Oh No! Chemi-killz!

As a parent, it's your sacred duty to protect your children from any harm that might come their way. Of course, what it means to protect your child has changed over the years as the dangers that our k...

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No, You Are Not As Busy As A Mom

A few years back - and yes, I mean years - an acquaintance posted something kind of crappy on Facebook! Surprise! Someone was a total jerk on social media. Shocked face, I know.

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Mamas Making Money In This Side Gig Economy

By now, you might have caught on that I've got money on my mind. Since leaving my 9-to-5, I've been thinking of creative ways I can make a buck or two without submitting to the torture of an office jo...

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Free Summer Fun In The Sun

Summertime, and the momming's easy! Well...sort of. It can be tough to keep your kiddo occupied during these humid days. And I know, trust me - it's tempting to take the kids to a McDonald's PlayPlace...

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It's Okay To Say No To Your Toddler

My mother-in-law figured out some pretty cool tricks during her years raising kids. Some of them I've unashamedly copied in my own parenting. Others just aren't the right fit for our family right now....

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How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

I've been pregnant three times in my life. Of course, I have only two kids - that's because my very first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. But with all three pregnancies, I've had a different combina...

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Three Little Words Every Mama Longs To Hear

When my son was born (well, even before my son was born) my inner Mama Bear came out in full force. I didn't spend a night away from my son until he was almost a year old. Probably because I had let t...

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