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Talking To Toddlers About Surgery

Baby Buzz

A few weeks ago, my husband's father slipped on some ice and broke his leg. The break was pretty extensive and he ended up requiring surgery. Now, if you know my son, you know that he is a big lover a...

Get Your Toddler Outside On Rainy Days

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Spring has sprung! Well, at least it sort-of has in my neck of the woods. Melting snow has made the outdoors one big mud pit with some extra-splashy puddles thrown in for good measure. Plus, we’ve had...

"Mistakes" I've Made As A Mom

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Mom-guilt seems almost inescapable. One of my friends just had a baby less than two weeks ago. Her newborn was struggling to settle into a deep sleep and she was desperate for a few hours of rest hers...

The Public Shaming Of Madeleine McCann's Mom

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Almost twelve years after she disappeared from her parents’ vacation home, I am watching Madeleine McCann’s face flash across my TV screen. Since the early weeks of the investigation, Madeleine’s pare...

How To Talk To Your Toddler About Death

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Earlier this week, and my husband received news that a childhood friend passed away in a tragic accident . You might have heard about him. His name was Kyle Forti. He was one of the four who lost the...

Being A Mom Doesn't Have To Kill Your Dreams

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When I was in high school I asked my mom what she had dreamed of becoming and she was my age. Maybe I was trying to work out what my future might look like. Or, maybe I had picked up on the fact that ...

You Don't Have To Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Baby Buzz

Pregnancy is often idealized as a happy time when a woman feels most fulfilled. She has happily conceived and is gleefully carrying her child inside her body. Never does the ideal pregnant woman compl...

How To Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

Baby Buzz

Babyproofing is no joke! With my son, we didn't bother babyproofing until he was crawling. Once he was mobile, all bets were off! Now my oldest is a toddler whose favorite phrase is currently, "Let me...

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