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These Are The Chores That Never End

At what point in your day do you realize that your list of things you have yet to do keeps growing even as you check things off your list - you know, the one you started with when you woke up this morning?


Damnit, Pinterest: I Try To Use A Bullet Journal

You might have guessed I’m not exactly the most fastidious person you’ve ever met. Did my #hotmessmom tag give it away? Or was it the fact that I wrote a piece about how to fake a clean house? It’s no...

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I Never Ever Want To Move House Again

My head is spinning, folks. I just moved house from one state to another in a weekend. We'll be living with family for a while so that we can find a house we love in a neighborhood we like. This is im...

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My Kid Is Sick: A Disgusting Timeline

This weekend was Easter. My husband was traveling, my in-laws were sick, and our childcare plans had fallen through. To top it off, my son started pooping really weird poops and refusing food. I could...

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Please Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I recently revealed that I have an obsession with Mister Rogers. It runs deep, y'all. As a kid, I watched three shows during the daytime when my siblings were away at school. Lambchops, Shining Time S...

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What I Remember: Shep's Birth

As our family approaches Shep's second birthday, it seems appropriate to reflect on his birth. It marked a period in my life - before and after motherhood. Yesterday an old friend said, "Motherhood lo...

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Mommy Movie Night

It's been hard to find time to do the things I love. Much of my time is spent pouring myself into my family or work. I can't always balance the maternal part of me with the still-a-person part of me. ...

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Yes, I Let My Toddler Watch TV

I'm on my way home after a day at work - I've been gone for twelve hours (close to 13 once I get home). My toddler has probably watched three episodes of Mister Rogers in my absence. Yes, you read tha...

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These Apps Make Being A Working Mom Easier

As you might have guessed by now, I'm kind of a hot mess when it comes to real life things. If it involves planning or organizing - well, I have great ideas and terrible follow-through. Know thyself, ...

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Somebody, Please Tell Me To Clean My House

As I type this I'm speeding down the highway (as a passenger) with both kids in the backseat. I should be home, cleaning my apartment and packing. We're moving in about a month, and the days we're abl...

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When Moms Have Colds

Yesterday I struggled to get through my workday. I had an ongoing icepick headache behind my right eye (3 seconds of intense pain, then it goes away, repeat). I also got pretty nauseous and spent some...

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When Did Shep Become A Spider-Man Fan?

My son has found a deep love of Spider-Man. I'm not sure where he got the idea - Stephen is a Star Wars, Batman, and LotR guy. In all honesty, I'm only a geek by proxy. But I do enjoy it! All that bei...

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