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Meet Maria, My Mom Friend - Part Two

You met my friend, Maria and learned about her son, Kash. I hope that Maria will share more with us someday - she's a pretty rad lady. But for now, here's Part Two of our conversation from this weeken...

Baby Buzz

Meet Maria, My Mom Friend!

It’s St. Patrick’s day and I invited some mom-friends and their husbands and kids over to my house for a casual party. My friend L wasn’t able to come as her baby has a sinus infection (Feel better, s...

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Boozing With Your Baby

I am a mom. Of two under two. Which, I mean, it’s difficult, not gonna lie. I’m also the same person I was before I had kids in a lot of ways. I just turned thirty and I keep asking my husband when I’...

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My Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast

My child grew about six inches overnight, I'm convinced. Rory’s a deliciously chunky baby with little thigh rolls and no real neck. I know that in no time at all, she'll be sitting on her own and I ca...

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I'm Raising A Free Range Toddler Tornado

Beige carpet. Our current apartment has beige carpet, and a toddler lives his loud toddler life on them. I’ve stepped on my fair share of blocks, pacifiers, and stuffies. Unfortunately, I’ve also step...

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I Sound Just Like My Mother

Recently I started trying a new strategy with my toddler to help him regulate his own behavior. It’s simple, and I’m sure you’ve seen or heard it before - we count to three. He understands that three...

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What Not To Say To Pregnant Women

Pregnant women draw a lot of attention - and not all of it is welcome. I am lucky enough to have a pretty severe case of RBF, so strangers tend to avoid me. I prefer it that way. But even I, bearer of...

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