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My Baby Daughter Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Baby Buzz

Before I had children, I had a fairly average self-perception of my physical body. I liked most of my body, felt some parts could be better, but didn't feel so pressured to throw myself into changing ...

Best Shoes Under $20 For Growing Babies

Baby Buzz

Having a baby can be real heckin' expensive! One of my least favorite baby expenses with kids is buying shoes. For now, my kids aren't too picky about their shoes. I can get away with having just a fe...

The Best 9 Dry Shampoos Ranked

Baby Buzz

It's an open secret - moms don't get to take showers. Ok, maybe moms of older kids can find time to squeeze in a nice warm bath from time to time. But those of us with little ones, toddlers and babies...

How To Make Moms Feel Awkward

Baby Buzz

We've all been there. I know for sure I've done things and said things that I regret. More often than I'd like to admit, I've felt so awkward remembering things I'm not proud of. The worst part is kno...

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