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Baby-Specific KonMari Tips For Netflix Moms

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If the pile of "stuff" to donate by my front door didn't give it away already, let me confirm: Marie Kondo has invaded our home. Don't deny it; you've been binge-watching "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo"...

11 Core Exercises Safe During Pregnancy

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My nearly back-to-back pregnancies really did a number on my physical body. I don't mean to complain; I'm simply explaining why I've needed months of physical therapy to recover after each child was b...

What I Pack In My Doula Bag

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I'm working as a doula, which means I am attending births and providing postpartum care for parents. Most of my focus is on laboring mothers; as you know, labor isn't always predictable! Just like mom...

7 Ways To Pick A Baby Name You Both Like

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Ask most parents the hardest part of picking their child's name and they'll tell you: it's hard to agree on a name you both like! Some people have a name they've been dreaming of since childhood. Can ...

How To Survive Cluster Feeding A Newborn

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Research soothes me when I am anxious; as a first-time mom, I was really anxious! When I went into labor, I thought I had researched everything there was to know about labor and delivery. But afterwar...

Five New Year's Resolutions For Every Mom

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With only days left in this year, I’ve decided it’s time to come up with a few resolutions. In 2018, I resolved to lift up women in my life. Instead of the typical “lose weight and exercise more” New ...

Coolest Baby Name Trends Of 2019

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It’s hard to believe 2019 is almost here! With an eye ahead to the coming year, I’ve looked into the expected trends for all things baby-related. Times change and our tastes change with them. While so...

2019's Top Nursery Design Trends

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This is going to be a big design year, I can feel it in my bones! 2018 feels like it crammed a whole decade of decor trends into one year! But 2019 is going to be the best nursery design year yet. I'v...

All About Boxing Day With Babies

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Happy Boxing Day! Or, as we say in the United States, Happy December 26! When my editor suggested I write about Boxing Day, I had no clue about the significance of the day. I knew that some countries ...

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