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How To Talk To Your Toddler About Death

Earlier this week, and my husband received news that a childhood friend passed away in a tragic accident . You might have heard about him. His name was Kyle Forti. He was one of the four who lost the...

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Being A Mom Doesn't Have To Kill Your Dreams

When I was in high school I asked my mom what she had dreamed of becoming and she was my age. Maybe I was trying to work out what my future might look like. Or, maybe I had picked up on the fact that ...

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You Don't Have To Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often idealized as a happy time when a woman feels most fulfilled. She has happily conceived and is gleefully carrying her child inside her body. Never does the ideal pregnant woman compl...

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How To Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

Babyproofing is no joke! With my son, we didn't bother babyproofing until he was crawling. Once he was mobile, all bets were off! Now my oldest is a toddler whose favorite phrase is currently, "Let me...

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My Baby Daughter Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Before I had children, I had a fairly average self-perception of my physical body. I liked most of my body, felt some parts could be better, but didn't feel so pressured to throw myself into changing ...

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