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The World's 15 Richest Kids Under 10

It may not make anyone feel great to know that the following 15 kiddos are all probably richer than the person reading this right now. Seriously. The lowest net worth of any child on this list is $1 m...


15 Women On What It's Really Like Raising Twins

Got twins? Feel unprepared? Those who do feel this way are far from alone. In fact, quite a few mommy forums have topics completely focused on the realities of raising twins: What mommies expected, wh...


15 Lies New Parents Tell Themselves

New parents get told a lot of things by well-meaning family members and friends. They may even read some seemingly helpful information on the web or get some advice from their doctors. Unfortunately, ...


15 Medical Benefits To Extended Breastfeeding

Let’s step away from the breastfeeding vs. formula debate for a moment and instead focus on breastfeeding and those who support it. There are, without a doubt, some tremendous benefits to breastfeedin...

Baby Buzz

20 Television Moms You Just Can't Stand

It seemed that once upon a time – long before reality TV, of course – all the moms on TV were ones most women looked up to and admired. Young kids wanted their moms to be like them. They were perfect....


15 Wild Family Scraps At Chuck E. Cheese

Good old Chuck E. Cheese. It likely brings up some memories of childhood, riding on silly rides and playing games until mass amounts of tickets get collected, only to wind up with tiny toys that paren...


15 Women Crippled By Their Epidural

As if a pregnant woman doesn’t have enough to worry about, she may need to be concerned with getting an epidural – one of the things that’s supposed to help relieve pain and take the edge off an inten...


15 Parents Who Turned Their Kids In

It's difficult for most parents to imagine a time in which they'd need to turn their child into police for doing something wrong. Granted, it's not something any parent wants to think about doing. But...

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