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30 Baby Girl Names That Are So Cliche

Baby Names

Everyone faces moments in their lives when they have to make important decisions. There are some that people think are the absolute hardest and most important decisions, like choosing a spouse or buyi...

20 Times The Roloff Family Made Headlines


The Roloff family is a big hit in the world of TLC. They are the family that is focused on in the show Little People, Big World. Showing the struggles and triumphs about the Roloffs running a family f...

Mr Mom: 20 Celeb Dads Who Had To Do It All


Moms are superheroes. What they do and what they give for their children is immense and full of love. They are often the focus of a lot of the parenting talk, and that can even be seen here at Babygag...

25 Prettiest Girl Names That End With "A"

Baby Names

When trying to choose a baby names, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many choices and options, and if mom has a partner who wants equal input it can be a constant argument. It is one o...

Why Is The Kid Crying: 20 Hilarious Snaps


There are a lot of people in the world who think that newborns cry a lot, and they do. However, they may not have hung around with enough toddlers in their lifetime. There is a big difference when it ...

15 Pregnancy Test Reaction Pics


If someone has never taken a pregnancy test, they may be shocked to know that there is a lot more to it than just peeing on a stick and waiting three minutes for lines to show up (or not too). For tho...

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