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Baby Names

25 Names For The Most Popular Girl In Class

Is being popular important? Is being the coolest kid in class really that important to one’s life. If one was to ask any adult or parent, the answer would be no. It doesn’t matter how others see a per...

Baby Names

25 New Names That Aren't Known Yet

If coming up with the perfect baby name was not difficult enough, mom and dad are facing a new challenge. In every generation there will be names that are just too common, names that will end up being...

Baby Names

25 Girl Names That Are Beautiful Forever

Many people think that being pregnant is hard and that going through childbirth is the hardest thing a woman will ever do. While this may be true, people often forget another really difficult thing wh...

Baby Names

30 Baby Girl Names That Are So Cliche

Everyone faces moments in their lives when they have to make important decisions. There are some that people think are the absolute hardest and most important decisions, like choosing a spouse or buyi...

Baby Names

25 Prettiest Girl Names That End With "A"

When trying to choose a baby name, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many choices and options, and if mom has a partner who wants equal input it can be a constant argument. It is one of...


15 Pregnancy Test Reaction Pics

If someone has never taken a pregnancy test, they may be shocked to know that there is a lot more to it than just peeing on a stick and waiting three minutes for lines to show up (or not too). For tho...

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