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Baby Names

10 Baby Name Pairs For Twin Girls

Hearing that you're going to have twins is a super emotional moment. You picture double the cuteness, wonder if you're going to dress them the same, and can't wait to share the good news with everyone...

Baby Names

10 Strange Baby Names Millennials Love

There's such a thing as brainstorming baby names and coming up with something that is way too out there. Of course, when millennials start families, they want baby names that haven't been chosen a mil...

Baby Names

10 Tips To Pick A Perfect Baby Name

Once you've told the people in your life that you're having a baby, it's only a matter of time before they ask what baby name you've chosen. You're going to be asked this question a lot... and if you'...

Baby Names

10 Baby Names That Are Retro Yet Cool

There are many things in life that never go out of style: a great haircut, a little black dress, a nice pair of jeans, and a classic baby name. Even though you grew up going to school with ten girls n...

Baby Names

10 Baby Names Inspired By Movie Characters

Recently, many parents who are huge fans of Game of Thrones have named their babies after some of the main characters, most notably Khaleesi and Arya. If you're more of a movie buff than a TV addict a...

Baby Names

10 Baby Names That Work For Boys And Girls

Some parents can't wait to find out the gender of their baby and they want to have that information ASAP. But for others, it's part of the magic and mystery of having a baby, and they don't want to kn...

Baby Names

10 Baby Names You Never Even Thought Of

Sarah, Rachel, Joe, Jeff, Mike, Jessica, Elizabeth. These are all typical baby names and the ones that many parents seem to put on this list when they know that they'll be welcoming a bundle of joy in...

Baby Names

10 Most Popular Girl Names in 2019

Looking through lists of baby names becomes a regular past time for parents who are expecting their first child... or their second or third or fourth. While there are some transitions that happen when...


10 Most Nutritious Pregnancy Superfoods

TV and movies might make a pregnant woman's eating habits look like a frat boy's or a sugar-loving child's, but we know that this is an important time to develop some healthy habits. While every woman...

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