Articles by Bethany Boggs


How To Handle Job Loss With A New Baby

Nothing is more stressful than losing a stable, what is supposed to be long term job. In this economy, there is a lack of stable jobs and fewer jobs paying enough to save six to twelve months in emerg...


How To Avoid Weight Gain After Delivery

Normally you go through your pregnancy gaining weight then expect to lose it after your pregnancy ends. Some people take "eating for two" literally and eat twice as much, then gain more weight than th...


Prenatal Yoga: How To Practice Safely While Pregnant

Yoga has gained popularity over the years. There are different types of yoga programs developed and prenatal is one of them. Although the relaxation techniques and flexibility training do benefit pregnant women, there are poses that can pose a risk.


Is There A Perfect Number Of Holiday Gifts?

When the holiday season comes around, Santa and presents come to the front of your mind. You could be worried about spoiling your child, not giving them enough or you could be struggling to give them ...

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