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14 Family Holiday Traditions

Tis the season for annoyingness. The holidays can bring out the best- or worst- in people. You do not have to call yourself Scrooge to want to gag at some of the family holiday traditions that people ...

Baby Buzz

15 Celeb Moms Who Had Kids In Their 40s

When it comes to our favorite (and maybe not so favorite!) celeb moms, what a lot of us do not realize is that some of these movie, music, and television stars had their kids past the ripe old age of ...


15 Things Moms Should Take From The Hospital

After giving birth, a woman does not just get to leave the hospital with a baby, but also with lots of free stuff! When she has a baby, that baby is going to require some things, and some of those can...

Baby Names

15 Worst Baby Names According To Doctors

What’s in a name, you say? Well, a lot! Sometimes there are baby names that come out of the woodwork that shock us, delight us, or even do both! However, according to doctors, some of these baby names are the worst ever.

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