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14 Baby Traits That Come From Dad

Parents love to start imagining what their little one will look like over the course of their nine month wait. Will she have her mommy's eyes? His daddy's nose? How does all that work anyway? Are ther...


12 Truths About Pregnancy Behind Bars

Expectant women get arrested. Expectant women get convicted of crimes and go to jail. Sometimes women get sentenced to prison time and don't even know they're expecting until they land in a jail cell. Imagine how scary that would be for a moment.


16 Craziest Parenting Hacks Ever Created

It's amazing that just a simple hack can make something less messy, easier to handle, and just take life as a parent to a whole new level that makes it easier for mom to breathe and just enjoy her chi...


15 Adorable Pets Welcome Home Their New Human

Having a pet is like having a baby. They're like the first baby. So how does a furry child handle the arrival of a newborn baby? As a pet parent, couples hope the animals are just as thrilled as mom a...

Baby Names

25 Beautiful Boy Names Everyone Forgot About

When it comes to a name for baby boy, look to ones that have been forgotten over the years, decades, or even centuries! There are tons of adorably cute names for little boys that were once widely popular, yet now essentially cease to exist.

Baby Buzz

Grammy Award Winning Baby Names

The Grammy Awards are host to some of the most talented men and women- who also have some fantastically fun musical names! Many names of Grammy winners past and present are perfect for a little bundle of joy.

Baby Buzz

15 Lifesaving Tips When Cleaning A Newborn

The health and well being of a newborn baby is vitally important. Those tiny babies rely on their mom and dad to keep them clean and safe. Proper cleaning, is, in a sense, a lifesaving opportunity. Lo...

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