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27 Sunny Summer Names for Your Baby

The warmth, the sunshine, the carefree days--summer is a season that makes everyone smile. To honor the nicest time of year, here are 25 names inspired by the season.


Pregnancy Things No One Ever Talks About

Pregnancy is a magical journey, and while it is a beautiful thing, there are many aspects of pregnancy that no one will ever tell you about before you become pregnant! From funny to frightening and so...


Signs That Your Newborn Loves You

Newborns might not do much, but they certainly love their mommy and daddy! Sure, it may be hard to tell what a newborn is thinking or feeling, and we know they can't just yet blurt out their immense l...


16 Clever Ideas for a Child-Friendly Garden

All children are immensely curious little beings. Creating and maintaining a garden is a fantastic way to stimulate that creativity while receiving satisfaction from a job well done. Here are some gre...


17 Ways to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

When your baby starts moving, it is time to baby proof! Your kitchen can be a dangerous place for a curious crawler or walker. Use these suggestions on how to best baby proof your kitchen so your little one stays safe.


15 Ways Music Helps Your Baby Learn

It has been said that music is the window to the soul. For babies, the benefits of exposure to music are endless. Listening and participating in musical activities helps your baby develop important tools for learning.

Did You Know...

10 Reasons Why Toddlers Love to Get Naked

Most parents of toddlers can share a similar story: you get your toddler dressed, turn around, and wallah- your kid is naked again! Toddlers sure love to be naked, and there are many reasons they like to say, see ya clothes!

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