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Potty Training Fails That Will Crack You Up!

Potty Training. Nothing will strike fear into the heart of a parent more than actually trying to teach the concept of potty training to a child. It’s enough to make you wonder if they make diapers in ...

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15 Facts to Know About Abortion

Abortion. Whether you agree with it or not, it is still legally allowed in many places all over the world. When you go to get the info about abortion, you’re often pulled into the cross hairs of biase...


18 Signs You're A Hot Mess Mom!

You walk into school in the morning, hair a mess, pajamas on, to drop off your child for the day. You get to their class, give them a kiss, and send them on their way. After a moment, you stop, look down, and feel a tugging at your leg.

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18 Things New Moms Should Stock Up On

As a new mom, you’ve probably got a ton of questions. Things like; “What do I pack in my hospital bag?” or “How do I calm my baby if he or she is crying?” Or maybe, you’re wondering what you need to s...


12 Ways to Explain Contraction Pain to Men

Did you know that the human body can only bear up to 45 del (units) of pain at a time? Yet, at the time of giving birth, the mother feels up to 57 del (units) of pain. This is the equivalent of 20 bones being fractured at the same time. True story.


16 Fabulous Tips For Bonding With Your Child

It’s one of the biggest worries for many mothers: What do I do if I don’t bond with my baby? Well, you’re not alone, if you’re concerned. And there are many tips and tricks for bonding with your baby....


ADHD And Medicating Children: The Debate Continues

Before we discuss medication, let’s actually go into what ADHD is. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that causes an ongoing pattern of inattention, hyperactivity, and impul...


When Parenting Crosses A Line: Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse can leave emotional scars that never go away. And the sad part is, we often mirror the behavior that we are taught. If we grow up feeling demeaned, we often repeat the same actions with our own children.

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