Articles by Bridget Stevens


What it Means to Become a Dad

Being a dad is more than just providing the genetics to create a baby. There is more involved than just giving cards on birthdays and posing for pictures with a smile on your face. Some might even arg...


8 Costly Mistakes of New Homeowners

Oh, homeownership. If you have ever rented for any period of time, or even lived with your parents for a while, you likely dreamed of one day finally having a house of your own, maybe with a garage ...


7 Essential Tips for Dads-to-Be

Listen up, baby daddies. We have to fill you in on a little secret that you might not already be aware of, and we are going to be totally and completely straight with you here. You might not like what we have to say:


Important Facts About Infant Organ Donation

Health. The most important thing we want for our children is good health. Sure, maybe deep down inside, at one point or another while you were expecting, you had a gender preference but, ultimately, at the top of everyone’s list is health. 


Early Pregnancy's 7 Inevitable Signs

As you started along your pregnancy journey, you’ve probably found countless pregnancy timelines and referred to Dr. Google multiple times to see just exactly when you can expect to have SOMETHING hap...


Pregnancy Style in 7 Stages

Ah, pregnancy; that wonderful time in a woman’s life where a sweet little human takes residence in your uterus, growing from the size of a pinprick to a pineapple and beyond, stretching you to what feels like the 9,000th degree.