Articles by Lilee Williams

Baby Names

25 Pumpkin Spice Names For Autumn Babies

The pumpkin spice aroma is in the air, and it's permeating our senses. It's especially getting to moms-to-be who may have been craving a little bite of their favorite orange vegetable for months and c...


20 Newborn Hygiene Musts New Moms Have To Figure Out

Taking care of a newborn isn't just about figuring out the feedings. Babies can be really messy, so moms and dads have to figure out the best way to keep them clean — a process that might have to be repeated every hour on the hour.


How To Know If Breastfeeding Is Being Done Right

No matter how many books a mom reads about breastfeeding, it can seem like she is totally clueless until she tries it herself. Many women are intimidated because they aren't sure that things will come...

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