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15 Celebs You Didn't Know Have Gay Parents

Let’s face it: while most traditional families consisted of a mother and a father in the past, it’s safe to say that times are definitely changing. These days, great strides have been made when it com...


15 Celeb Parents Who Abandoned Their Kids

Raising a child requires maturity, stability, sensibility and some degree of selflessness; but to some people that is simply too much to ask. While undoubtedly children deserve all of these things fro...


15 Celebs Who Let Their Sons Wear Dresses

The subject of parents allowing their young boys to dress up in clothing that was designed with little girls in mind has always been a controversial one, but lately it seems like some have taken a har...


15 Celebs Who Should Be Anything But Parents

No one ever said that raising children was easy, but it’s indisputably the parent’s responsibility to make their child a top priority in their life. Having kids is a serious commitment that requires a...