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15 Signs Labor Might Last A Full Week

Just like at the end of a long work day, women tends to look forward to putting their feet up and relaxing with a nice cup of tea. In terms of pregnancy, after the epically long 9 month journey that i...


15 Reasons The Baby Isn't Coming Out

The end is in sight. The epic nine month roller coaster journey of pregnancy is finally winding up. The ankles may be swollen and the hormonal balance may be totally out of whack, but at last a sigh of relief: the 40 week mark is approaching.


15 Ways To Get The 'Juices' Flowing After Giving Birth

It is no secret that having a baby changes everything. Literally everything about the life one had before popping a baby out of the birthing canal will change. This is in a physical, emotional, and mental sense. A baby is the ultimate game changer.

Did You Know...

15 Insane Facts About A Newborn's Head

Who doesn’t love an adorable, squishy, soft newborn baby’s head? There is something about the head of a baby that has just entered the world. Everyone wants a touch or smell of that melon shaped, fuzz...

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