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15 Made-Up Names Parents Gave Their Kids

Naming a child can be a difficult task for many parents. Choosing the perfect name is very important, and many like to give a name that has some meaning to it. Whether personal or just the actual defi...


15 Celebs Who Lost Children

It is every parent's worst fear to lose a child. I know it is my biggest fear. And for the lucky ones, it is just that - a fear. Unfortunately though, there are so many parents whose nightmare turns into living nightmare.


15 Mom Fashion Fails

Fashion trends may come and go but people dressing badly will always remain. Just check out Walmart. On any given day a person can go in there and see a wide variety of fashion fails. Some funny, some...


14 Terrifying Drawings Made By Kids Part 2

Kids. What would life be without them? They are random, sweet, innocent and sometimes pretty weird. Kids do weird things all the time, sometimes stuff they do is just plain creepy. They typically don'...

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