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15 Ways A Pregnant Women Annoys Her Friends

We have all had that friend. The expectant friend whom we love so much, but pregnancy has turned her into an annoying human being. She complains incessantly, constantly steering the conversation towards her and the unborn child.


12 Sick Perks Of Having A Bun In The Oven

Some women love having a little baby bun in the oven. They thrive on it. They enjoy nesting and having their bump grow to the size of a beach ball. Some people claim that pregnancy is the most magical...


15 Instagram Mom Types Who Are Really Trying Too Hard

These days moms are everywhere on social media. Especially Instagram. We have classy moms, cool moms, model moms, fitness junky moms and everything in between. For some of us, just keeping the kids alive is a total mom win.


20 Pictures Of The Funniest Looking Babies

Babies are known for being absolutely adorable little beings. They do funny and cute things that bring so much enjoyment to those around them. Some babies have funny personalities and some have funny ...

Baby Buzz

17 Pregnancy Announcements Worth Recreating

One of the more fun parts of pregnancy is the announcements. Make them simple, classic, bizarre or hilarious. They are fun to make and fun to look at! I am all about the awkward and hilarious ones. Th...


16 Worst Celebrity Advice Ever Given

Celebrities, some can't get enough of them. They believe everything they say from politics to health care advice and thrive on hearing about the daily gossip from magazines in the grocery store. At th...


15 Kids Who For Sure Dressed Themselves

As children grow from babies into toddlers they begin developing their own sense of self and style. What better way for them to express themselves than to dress how they want? Some kids seem to be bor...

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