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15 Of The Most Unusual Signs Of Labor

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be tough. Most mothers have feelings of exhaustion, excitement and fear. Women feel exhausted because of lack of sleep. They feel excitement because they get to mee...


The Most Swinging Baby Names From The 40’s

The 1940’s was a time of war in our nation and cultural roles were quickly shifting. While men were at war, women that were usually housewives were going back to work. They needed to be able to support their families while their husbands were away.


Best Youtube Videos of Shocking Births

Imagine you are driving to the hospital to deliver your baby and suddenly you feel the urge to push. Or maybe you were expecting labor to be the most painful experience ever, yet you have a peaceful orgasmic birth.

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How Many Cesareans Can You Have?

If you are a mother who has had a c-section and you want more children, then you have probably wondered how many cesareans you can have?  However, the better question is what are the risk involved wit...