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15 Absurd Celebrity Birth Plans

Do moms usually require complete silence when they gave birth? Maybe they wanted an orchestra to play a certain musical composition so that the baby had a grandiose welcoming theme song. Or it could b...


15 Privileged Kids With Big Bank Accounts

In thinking of the most common things that people worry about, money often tops the list. We fret about paying the bills, avoiding new bills, and saving for unexpected bills. Then, of course, when we ...


15 Ways To Tell Him About The Pregnancy

It's only natural to want the man with whom you've opened up your heart to want to have children with you. But, sometimes that's just not the way the cookie crumbles. For whatever reason, there are me...

Baby Buzz

15 Pics Of Chrissy Teigen As A Mommy

Every person has one - a love/hate relationship with someone. This "someone" could be a real-life person with whom we interact daily or a celebrity whose face is plastered on a tabloid. Today's love/h...

Did You Know...

15 Figure Skating Rules For Kids

It's one of the most rigorous winter sports in existence today. Not only does figure skating require an individual to balance on bladed boots on the slippery ice, but also to move gracefully around th...

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