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15 Male Gynos Who Should Lose Their License

It's not something we look forward to. Most women dread it actually. A visit to the gyno can be many things, but enjoyable is not typically one of them. As well as being put in an incredibly awkward a...


15 Times Kids Went Savage With Make-up

Mom hears it - silence. As a rookie parent, she lovingly think to herself what wonderfully well-behaved children she has to play so peacefully. Then when she goes to check in on them, her billowy clouds of perfection fall from a cruel, cruel sky.


15 Things Guaranteed To Happen To Overdue Moms

Any overdue mothers should pay attention to this. For those who've been pregnant for how long now...like 5 years, right? So, these women are due for a good long laugh, because if labor isn't going to entertain them, then reading this might as well.


15 Times Pets Sensed Pregnancy Before Mom

There's a reason dogs are known as man's best friend. Sometime they know us even better than we know ourselves. It's an understatement to say that most canine companions are tried and true. Their love...


15 Funny Failed Gender Reveal Announcements

The big moment has arrived where mom and dad get to reveal whether their sweet little baby is a boy or a girl. They want everything to be picture perfect and memorable for this occasion. Mom and dad's...


15 Things Pregnant Women Do That Piss Everyone Off

We all have these wonderful little phalanges at the tip of our upper extremities. Typically designed to grasp objects, they are frequently used to point in mockery. Ah yes, pointing at another person's downfalls has become an online trend.


14 Fashion Fails During Pregnancy

From the very moment a woman learns that she's expecting up until the very last time a maternity garment is worn (no matter if that is the last day of her pregnancy or up until the kid graduates 1st g...

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