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15 Women On What It's Like Being A Baby Maker


Children are our future. Even in today’s dynamic world, many families are opting for more kids. Nurseries, scans, baby showers, and birth plans - there are so many sweet moments to look forward to and...

17 Moms Who Had To Change Religion And Why


How many people pray before bed? How many go to church every Sunday? Even if they don’t, people should admit that today’s dynamic world may challenge people's spiritual development. People can't live ...

20 Pics Of Royals Kate And Meghan

Baby Buzz

Many little girls dream of being princesses. Prince Charming, dragons, roses, and tiaras. However, being a princess comes with a lot of responsibilities. While modern princesses and duchesses do not i...

25 Names For The Most Loveable Little Baby

Baby Names

Aww! Can you feel it? Love is in the air! It’s all around us! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to talk about love. Romance, roses, chocolate, magic spells… and love-inspired name...

15 Breathtaking Photos Of Amish Children


You can spot them a mile away. Long plain dresses, big hats, and horse-drawn buggies. Hard-working families running errands across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. The Amish!

15 Posts To Princess Kate's Third Pregnancy


We all love fairy tales. Prince Charming, magical love, and happily ever after. Fairy tale characters dance with people's imagination, fly beside us on the wings of bravery, and make us believe that w...

15 Celeb Custody Battles

Baby Buzz

Being in love is wonderful! People in love glow, accompanied by the colorful butterflies in their stomach. Often, passion and trust mix in one, and if the couple is lucky enough, their attraction may ...

15 Social Media Mommy Feuds

Now What?

Is it possible to imagine a world without the Internet? No Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube! Although the Internet offers much more than social media channels, we often think of it as a necessity that...

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